Cross the river and enter into gardens of life in abundance.

Fazenda Taboquinhas post.

Fazenda Taboquinhas family and friends, seperating cacao pits from the fruits.

Harvesting cacao, a great opportunity to socialize


Fazenda Taboquinhas welcomes you.

This is the first post for Fazenda Taboquinhas. It is about a Rural Accommodation Concept in a wonderful tropic world. A world full of fruits, vegetables,  herbs and flowers in an abundant nature with the sound of numerous birds and… silence.

A breeze sometimes rushes through the leaves of plantations surrounded by Atlantic Rain Forest, full of rivers and waterfalls. This district is truly an oasis of tranquility. We love the pace of living here, nothing is a must and everybody takes the liberty to do the things as they please. Not many people get angry here. They live and let live.


Fazenda Taboquinhas accommodations are located near Itacaré which offers splendid variety of beaches.

Praia da Tiririca is one of the many beautiful beaches of Itacaré.

Fazenda Taboquinhas is near tropical beaches.

Beach life is at close distance. You will find there a series of the world’s most beautiful beaches, waiting for you.

Praia da Tiririca is one of the many beautiful beaches of Itacaré

We start informing you by this post. This very moment the construction of several quality apartments is taking place. The main facilities of Fazenda Taboquinhas are situated at the high bank of the Rio de Contas. This location offers a pretty view on the ferry crossing between Taboquinhas and these central Fazenda Accomodations.

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Things to do in the Taboquinhas area.

Rafting location Taboquinhas

Plenty of things to do on the Rio de Contas


Wild water rafting.

Taboquinhas has international fame in regard to rafting. Those that have love for rafting adventures will certainly enjoy this location. So, talk about it with Osvaldo. He will answer your questions and organise a go on a raft for you.

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Submerged in nature. challenging, unforgettable and often life changing experience in lush tropical nature.


City boy discovers tropical Bahia

My week on the farm in Taboquinhas gave me surprise after surprise. I had no idea of the huge variation in tropical fruits, how cacao fruits looks like for example. Many tropical fruits I bought in the supermarket packed in tins. There I learned how to pluck them from the trees Read more “Awesome”

John Smith

Love it!

Love the Itacaré area

Great experience in this part of the world.  I love Itacaré and its surrounding.

Sylvia vdL

My once in a lifetime experience in Taboquinhas

From New York to Bahia Brazil

I will be grateful for the rest of my life that my grand parents invited me to visit their fazenda in Taboquinhas. Growing up in New York kept me away from the intense beauty of pure unspoiled nature as is in the area around Taboquinhas. The fazenda (farm) of my Read more “My once in a lifetime experience in Taboquinhas”

Madison Aurora
Private person