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Fazenda Taboquinhas

Accommodation - Cacao Seminars - Day Trips - Adventure

Double bed and breakfast € 100 per week

Central Farm Stays Reception
Fazenda Sao Jorge
Fazenda São Jorge

For Active Recreation & Volunteering

Double bed and breakfast € 100 per week

Volunteer in the fields with us

Low Budget Eco Farm Volunteer Program

Great things to do
Great things to do

In Taboquinhas - Itacaré

Events - Adventure - Relaxation

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Fazenda Taboquinhas: farm stays for recreation and volunteering.

Farm stays are offered by Osvaldo and Laura
The Taboquinhas Farm Host Osvaldo loves nature in all its forms. Power-trekking along jungle trails and water streams, horse riding, climbing, camping, rafting, boating, fishing, swimming, yes, enjoying his natural habitat to the fullest is what makes him the joyful man he is. A man in love with Fazenda Taboquinhas.

Recreational stay.

Fazenda Taboquinhas and Fazenda São Jorge are unity for farm life hospitality in Taboquinhas. We opt for diversified farming. Income contributions by guests or costs reductions by volunteers are highly valued.

The integral use of accommodation is possible. Book your stay on one farm and stay for some time on another farm. You will experience your stay in cordial family-style, in a region with an always evergreen and thriving nature where sunshine warms your bones, colors your skin and with the beautiful beaches of Itacaré nearby.

Volunteers input.

Work never stops on farms, so volunteers are welcome. Various tasks are seasonal and doable by many. Other tasks are specialistic and in need of knowledge at a high level. View our volunteer section via the site main menu or follow this Link >>

Your help can make a difference in our eco-farm conditions.


Farm Stay testimonials

To our area from abroad

Nearest International Airport is in Salvador (at 250km). Nearest Internal Airport is Ilheus (at 65km).
A convenient connection from Salvador is to use the bay ferry and travel by an executive bus from the Bom Despacho terminal to Itacaré. Online seat reservations are possible with AGUIA BRANCA >> or  CIDADE SOL >> Approx. R$ 50


Bus connections to Taboquinhas.

There is a bus service from Itacaré or Ubaitaba to Taboquinhas. The road between Itacaré and Taboquinhas is asphalted while the connexion between Ubaitaba rides on a bumpy dirt road. Don't expect sophisticated busses for this reason. Campo Verde operates a service on the highest frequency (4 to 5 times per day). Cidade Sol is another possibility. There is no online service available. Tickets have to be bought at the bus station. You can phone Rodoviaria Itacaré at # 71 3231-2069 for information.


Friends, Cooperations and More..

Partner links of Fazenda Taboquinhas - Farm Stays Concept

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Sao Jorge - partner of Fazenda Taboquinhas
This video gives an impression of the environment of this farm stay. Tranquility, to rewind the soul and reconnect to nature.

Little money - lots of experience.
Sustainable small eco farmer's practices
This video gives an impression of sustainable small farming. This is commonplace in our area. Their world differs completely from city folk. They know that it is nature that is providing the origins for food and delicacies. Choose an immersion in the practice of the cassava, cacao and fruit cultures in one of the seminars of Fazenda Sao Jorge. Only € 18 per person a day with lunch included.

Courtesy of Dirk,

Guided Jungle Hikes by Fazenda Taboquinhas
This video gives an impression of one of the guided jungle hikes. Experience adventure during your farm stay. Finnish your hike adventure with a refreshing bath somewhere in the jungle.
Only € 18 per person with lunch included.

Courtesy of Dirk,


Courtesy of Dirk,

Activities around Fazenda Taboquinhas
This video gives an impression of adventures to chose around Fazenda Taboquinhas. It shows rafting, horseback riding, and wave surfing along the beaches of Itacaré. Of course, many other things to do as you can discover. Explore the website.
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