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Thank you for viewing Fazenda Taboquinhas for farm stays.

Farm stays are offered by Osvaldo and Laura
The Taboquinhas Farm Host Osvaldo loves nature in all its forms. Power-trekking along jungle trails and water streams, horse riding, climbing, camping, rafting, boating, fishing, swimming, yes, enjoying his natural habitat to the fullest is what makes him the joyful man he is. A man in love with Fazenda Taboquinhas.

Taboquinhas Farm Stays offers rural hospitality and a life-enriching experience. It might start here for you. Use the top menu bar or the 'MORE..' Links on the photos to navigate to subjects of your interest.

Who knows? Maybe we'll see each other at the Fazenda. We are here, ready to serve you. You surely will have a wonderful vacation in Bahia, Brazil; in the region of Itacaré with its evergreen and blossoming habitat which warms your bones and a gives a tanned skin.

Farm Stays: Fazenda Taboquinhas is revitalizing for body and mind.

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