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Seasoned Dutch travelers visit Bahia

Dirk is a media man. His wife Hetty favors tropical destinations. They travel the world and Dirk shoots pictures and videos. This year they chose Bahia, Brazil as their destination. The main goals were the ancient Dutch fort Frederik Hendrik (Recife), Chapadas Diamantinas, Cacao plantations in Taboquinhas and Salvador on the way back. They stayed a week at Fazenda São Jorge. Here is their story. Our journey to rural Taboquinhas. We had booked a one-week […]

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Permaculture, Agroforestry, and Regenerative Cacao

Humanity is facing a global environmental crisis. Climate change, pollution, species extinction, soil loss, and a myriad of related issues are causing tremendous damage to the planet. Modern land-use practices and intensive agriculture, in particular, have undermined the very ecological systems upon which we rely. With our survival at stake, it’s critical that we redefine our relationship with the natural world. Thankfully, by turning to both ancient and contemporary farming practices, we can meet humankind’s […]

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Association Taboquinhas Tourism Community – ASTATURC

Our association welcomes tourists to “experience the countryside”, cocoa plantation tours, tastings and cocoa-related sales of sensations that true chocolate offers. Our goal is to realize a dream to make Taboquinhas a place that can generate employment and income, but always keeping the focus on the preservation of natural resources and sustainable development.   Canudos de Taboquinha – Organical straws The taboquinha straw is also one of the animations created by the association. Taboquinha is […]

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Quality Cacao – Nature Conservation – Forestry

  Osvaldo. On a recent cacao inspired journey to beloved Brazil this past May, I had the opportunity to visit Fazenda Taboquinhas. There I met Osvaldo de Brito, owner and farmer. I found a gracious host with a lively and generous spirit. He and his wife Laura welcomed me like family, with food, warmth, and hospitality. We had many laughs as I had to relearn Portuguese while he did satisfy my unquenchable desire for information […]

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A preface from Jaco, co-founder of the farm stays concept in Taboquinhas. This article brings the inspiring experience of cacao seminars across as they are given by founder Osvaldo de Brito. Written by Daniela from Uruguay, a volunteer at Fazenda Taboquinhas. The world of cacao as revealed to me on Fazenda Taboquinhas. It is worth mentioning that it grows at a tree with large and glossy leaves. The blossoms are like small pearls, appearing on […]

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Rainforest around Itacaré

Tropical rainforest reserves as also found in the State of Bahia along the Atlantic coastline of Brazil are part of a greater forest ecosystem called Mata Atlântica. It originally stretched out over 1.2 million square kilometers (about 25% of the Amazon). However, decades of deforestation for industrial timber use, cacao, cattle farming, sugar cane, coffee, and urban sprawl caused a decline of the Atlantic forest with more than 90 percent. Less than 100,000 square kilometers […]

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Taboquinhas farms – Rural hospitality.

You are welcome to stay with us. This is the first post for Fazenda Taboquinhas. It is about a Rural Accommodation for farm stays in a wonderful tropic world. A world full of fruits, vegetables,  herbs and flowers in an abundant nature with the sound of numerous birds and… silence. Peace of mind as the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. A breeze sometimes rushes through the leaves of plantations surrounded by Atlantic Rain Forest, full […]

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