Category: Natures Medicine

Graviola as natural cancer cure option

Graviola does only eliminate cancer cells and will not damage the healthy parts of the body. This is the very contrasting outcome of several studies when compared to results of common chemotherapy treatments. Therefore it is plain logic to also research and develop natural cancer cure options. For a long time cancer treatment of humans is derived from “scientific” ways, often with dubious efficacy. In this article, you are introduced to the power of Graviola […]

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Natural Medicin: Revive health vacations and tours

Natural Medicine: the basis of reviving health. The Fazenda Taboquinhas terrain is full of natural medicine. One can enjoy it in the form of herbs, the berries, the fruits, clean air, and water. Flowers all around. the singing of birds and the service of happy and kind people ads to it as well. Therefore is ‘tranquility’ the key-word in connection to our reviving health vacations. Most importantly: everything is grown organically, freshly reaped from nature and prepared […]

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