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Outdoor paradise Taboquinhas. Five to six hours power hiking on historical trail.

A century-old water transport system; Guarantee of an exceptional hiking adventure. This is a trail for experienced hikers. It follows a century-old construction which was built with slave labor. With use of water streams that had found their path by the gravity law already, slaves modified the course of this waterflow. They constructed dams and canals with bare hands. This was executed to deliver water power to economize the milling of sugar cane. Over the […]

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Things to do in the Taboquinhas area.

Wild water rafting. Taboquinhas has international fame in regard to rafting. Those that have love for rafting adventures will certainly enjoy this location. So, talk about it with Osvaldo. He will answer your questions and organise a go on a raft for you. A good start is to watch this promo video.  

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