Eco farm volunteer program in Bahia, Brazil

Farming with Volunteers makes a diferrence

We anticipate volunteers who value:

  • to experience a completely different world and immerse themselves into it,
  • to be curious and want to learn from other cultures,
  • to discover more of themselves in completely different circumstances,
  • to discover the excellence of leisure in Bahia, Brazil,
  • to have the heart to protect nature and support ecological farming,
  • to give their input on changing things for the better,
  • to contribute a portion of their time to make a difference.

For them, we developed our low-cost volunteer package as presented here. Your opportunity to discover the real Brazil.

We also anticipate volunteers with high-quality impact. Get in touch in order to work out a mutually beneficial volunteers arrangement.

Fazenda São Jorge accommodation:


Fazenda São Jorge is the starting point for modeling a small scale multi-discipline and eco-friendly farm model. The owners of Fazenda Taboquinhas and São Jorge joint their forces. They consider it feasible to deliver a proven ecological and economic success for organical farmers.

Fazenda Taboquinhas accommodation:


Growing Farm Holidays in Taboquinhas, Bahia, Brazil.
Jaco van der Laak. The initiator of the Farm Stays Taboquinhas concept.

Fazenda Taboquinhas has a view on the river ferry, the starting point of our Rural Zone. The Fazenda is a connection hub between Taboquinhas village and Fazenda São Jorge at about 4 km away. You should address Osvaldo, his wife Laura or the appointed reception on arrival. They know you are coming. Transport to São Jorge then will be arranged.

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Volunteer program listing

Volunteer care and activities comprise:

  1. A full board farm stay
  2. Good quality bedroom with double bed
  3. Ecological agriculture and horticultural training
  4. From 20 to 25 hours of training and practical work per week
  5. Once a week a guided & catered sporting / educational activity per choice:
    1. Wild water rafting and canoe adventure
    2. Horseback riding
    3. Hikes through Atlantic rainforest
    4. Waterfall tour around Taboquinhas
    5. From tree to table cocoa seminars

Campfire, barbecue, waterfall treat, neighborhood hikes, music making/singing, attend a home church and do things you invent yourself. Ample free time to explore the area and have fun. Besides we discount R$ 30 per day for a two days stay outside the farm as a small incentive for exploration. Expenditures outside the farm terrain are on your own account.

Click here to view our current things to do list->

All inclusive cost per week or monthly:

  1. Per week R$ 375 - € 59
  2. One full month R$ 1,100 - € 173
  3. Two full months R$ 1,800 - € 282
  4. Three full months R$ 2,600 - € 408

When skipping our recreational or educational program, a discount of 25% applies.

Language requirement:

Volunteers have to be able to communicate at minimum a basic level Portuguese / Spanish or begin with a language-study of Caminhos Language Centre.

Long term volunteering:

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Brazilian Volunteers:

Highly motivated Brazilians who want to involve as a volunteer are more than welcome. Apply also when there is no or little money. Sometimes there is sponsor aid available.

Financial Accountability:

Your financial contribution covers the costs of living such as: preparing food and drinks, cleaning, laundry, guidance in free time and the activity program we offer. Minimal 10% of your contribution will be reserved to cover volunteering outside our farm. This to support the needy and elderly near us with odd jobs or small projects, carried out by our volunteers.

Stunning landscape on the Sao Jorge farm

Development Objectives

University level – Apprenticeship Agriculture and Landscape Architecture

Agroforestry is a necessity everywhere, also in Bahia, Brazi.

Agroforestry Projects

Rural Zone Taboquinhas – Fazenda Taboquinhas / Fazenda Sao Jorge

Permaculture companion planting illustration

Permaculture farming practice

Rural Zone Taboquinhas – Practical Eco Farming Objectives

Rafting adventures in Bahia, Brazil

Adventure for Volunteers

District Itacaré – Volunteers Bonus Program

Cacao seminars

Rural Zone Taboquinhas – Education in Cacao Farming and Chocolate Making

Studying Portuguese while having fun

Language Study Abroad

Rio de Janeiro - Taboquinhas – Long Term Stays in Brazil

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