Farm holiday weeks – All Inclusive.

Farm Holiday weeks patrones

Our farm holiday concept is under development.

For the time being, we use a low price level for the old accommodation available. New vacation suites are under construction, but you are welcome to experience the good life on our farm anyway.

Our farm holiday weeks scheme is based on 'all inclusive' service, comprising: cleaning of the dormitory; twice per week change of bed linen; daily a generous and healthy 'café de manha' and an evening meal.

The accommodation is a detached collective dormitory for six persons maximum, comprising of two double beds and two single beds.

2 persons per week (7 days / 6 nights) 300 USD.
BRL 988.19

4 persons per week (7 days / 6 nights), 550 USD.
BRL 1,811.67

6 persons per week (7 days / 6 nights), 750 USD.
BRL 2,470.46

Local tour guide per day, car excluded, 30 USD.
BRL 98.82

Flexibility is our motto. There are too much interesting things to do to describe all of them. When being our guest we are more than willing to discuss options or ideas that you might have. You are wellcome.

Smart to use 'Fazenda Taboquinhas' as base camp.

With us, you are in the heart of the 'Costa do Cacau' in the state of Bahia and at short distance of Itacaré, the highly appreciated coastal town.

Compared to the price level of Itacaré, and other coastal cities in Brazil, we provide our service for an unbeatable price.

With the public bus (round trip for about 7 USD : BRL 23.06, per person) you travel through beautiful landscapes and arrive in Itacaré, with its many splendid beaches, in 50 minutes.

In case you choose to stay a few days on the coast, you can travel with light luggage and still have economic gain in your trip, even when you have to spend money in another 'pousada'.

We are driven by love to get people acquainted with the beauty of our area and are poised to be your guide to several of the most beautiful spots around us.

Free meals during farm holiday weeks.

Earn a free hot meal per workday of 5 hours on our organic fruit plantations. Taking part in the care for nature will be a very stimulating experience.

With this we offer you an agricultural challenge, a dip in the tropical farming world that surrounds us. An excellent opportunity to experience something completely different. Inquire about the possibilities.

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