Graviola as natural cancer cure option

Graviola for natural health

Graviola does only eliminate cancer cells and will not damage the healthy parts of the body. This is the very contrasting outcome of several studies when compared to results of common chemotherapy treatments.

Therefore it is plain logic to also research and develop natural cancer cure options. For a long time cancer treatment of humans is derived from “scientific” ways, often with dubious efficacy. In this article, you are introduced to the power of Graviola in regard to cancer treatment.

The fear of the population, the pressure exerted by official medicine, the collectiveness of many traditional doctors and pharmaceutical laboratories, are reasons to obstinately holding on to cure cancer on the basis of those widely accepted standard treatments, taking the majority of people who suffer from this terrible disease towards mostly chemical oriented treatment technics. There is the reluctance to look for less aggressive and more natural cancer cure options which can be discovered in creation.

Graviola as natural cancer cureHowever, in the uses of natural medicines, there are several remedies with proven effectiveness that are gaining space in the field of official treatments.

Efficacy of Graviola as a natural cancer cure.

Natural “drugs” have shown comparable up to superior efficacy for the treatment of various types of cancer, and, even better, without the dreaded side effects of the treatments we know today such as deterioration of immunity, hair loss and other side effects of chemotherapy, like weakness and progressive weight loss; sad consequences that are often due not only to the disease but also by vomiting effects as produced by some chemotherapeutic remedies.

Origin, characteristics, and cultivation of Graviola.

Nowadays its origin is unknown, although it is considered native Mesoamerican. Its cultivation extends throughout tropical America as well as in Africa, being the ecological zone which is predominantly humid tropical.
It is a deciduous tree, that is, in the time of falling leaves it is not possible to harvest the fruit. Blossoming of the tree is between the months of October and January and the bearing of fruit takes place between the months of December and April. The Graviola tree is very resistant to wind, drought, and damage caused by termites and the like.
The Graviola fruit has juicy and fleshy pulp. It provides a very refreshing flavor, which enables its use in the production of ice creams, jellies, marmalades and refreshing drinks. Despite this versatility, it is not much used for these purposes.

Graviola as a powerful natural chemotherapy.

Today our primary interest in Graviola is its anticancer power. There are numerous studies that proved this power.
At the National Cancer Institute in the United States in 1976, was found that the therapeutic power of Graviola, also known as soursop, on cancer cells was 10,000 times of that of the compound called Adriamycin, one of the most aggressive cytotoxic drugs currently used for chemotherapy. But in addition, the fruit has an extraordinary property that sets it apart from traditional chemotherapy. While chemotherapy simultaneously attacks both cancerous and healthy cells, as they can not differentiate healthy cell populations from unhealthy populations, Graviola/soursop leaves healthy cells healthy while attacking cancer cells, breaking their growth within 48 hours.

Graviola powder cureMany other studies have been conducted since then. Especially since 1997, at Purdue University in Indiana, USA, where it was verified its anticancer power in lung, prostate, breast, bladder, rectum, esophagus, and colon cancers and also effective against the treatment of leukemia.

Properties that prevent cancer.

This property exists due to the presence, in its leaves, of a set of phytochemical assets called Acetogenins, whose potency is of the order of 10,000 times superior to Adriamycin (the toxic substance of artificial elaboration).

Natural chemotaxis is a process of locomotion of cells towards a chemical gradient, that is, when the compound is directed at attacking cells, it is directed to cells that contain specific, concrete chemicals (therefore they attack only malignant cells or diseases) while the healthy cells remain intact.

In summary, it is proven that the use of Graviola/soursop can be both preventive and curative.

Advised dosage:

Graviola extractUsual intake is by means of powder from Graviola leaves about 15 to 20 minutes before each meal, either in the form of capsules or with teaspoons.

Preventive use: a dose of approximately 50 mg.

Curative use: a dose of approximately 500 mg.

In accordance with the state and severity of the disease might the use of a higher dose be necessary.

Other Graviola applications.

Apart from its spectacular anticancer use, Graviola/Soursop is a plant that, because of its antibacterial, antiparasitic, antispasmodic, astringent, hypotensive, tensions decreasing and intestinal worms expelling properties. It is therefore advisable to always consume the Graviola powder in the recommended preventive doses.

A final word about this article.

There are many claims that support this article and, as always, many claims that address the dangers of this natural cancer cure as a remedy. Every person is more or less his own doctor. After all, he/she is the first observer of what takes place in the body. Think about this remedy in the same way as any medicine. There is no medicine in this world that does not warn against negative side effects.

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