Revive Health Holidays

Natural Medicine. Herbs for reviving health vacations

Natural medicine: the basis of reviving health.

Nature in our region offers a rich variety of health improving means. You benefit from it by using herbs, berries, fruits, clean air, and mineral water from the wells. You are surrounded by flowers, the singing of birds and the service of happy and kind people. Of course, this is all beneficial to your wellbeing.

Tranquility is the key-word in connection to health reviving vacations on our farms. Everything here is grown organically, freshly reaped from nature and prepared for you in the form of a large variety of juices, teas, meals and pure ripened tropical fruits.

We also work on a menu program for treating various physical problems. This because it is our desire to improve health and make you fully enjoy staying here. In addition to a health improving experience on our farm, there are many life-enriching tours to make in our region which has so incredibly much to offer.

Cure cancer with Graviola

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