Adventure for Volunteers

Rafting adventures in Bahia, Brazil
  • Location: District Itacaré
  • Date: Volunteers Bonus Program

This page renders an oversight of events a volunteer can choose to do in their free time. Some are included as a bonus for their labor contribution. Others are just pointers, options for a personal choice to spend leisure time in the Itacaré region.

Over time new options will be added to this information page.

My wife's favorite beach is Praia das Conchas

Things to do in the Itacaré area.

Leisure Paradise Itacaré: This town of leisure has numerous attractions to offer and always wrapped in a beautiful setting. It ...
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Taboquinhas is a Rafting Location

Things to do in Taboquinhas.

Outdoor Paradise Taboquinhas: Wild water rafting. Taboquinhas has international fame in regard to rafting. Those that have a love for ...
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Power hiking on historical trail.

Outdoor Paradise Taboquinhas: A century-old water transport system; Guarantee of an exceptional power hiking adventure. A power hike through the ...
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