Development Objectives

Stunning landscape on the Sao Jorge farm
  • Location: University level
  • Date: Apprenticeship Agriculture and Landscape Architecture

Here we anticipate volunteers with the appropriate professional knowledge. Click to mail Jaco to work out a mutually beneficial volunteers arrangement.

Agroforestry objectives – Start small – Think big

Our goal is to model Fazenda Sao Jorge (4 hectares of cabruca style plantation with mixed cacao and fruits, 2-hectare rough grass field and 20-hectare rainforest) into a pilot to demonstrate the impact of a state of the art reproducible agroforestry plan. Objectives as follows:

  1. Designing a basic farm plan (scalable) with cost-share/grant for new cacao varieties and nurseries to establish both disease resistance and flavor/marketability, with the use of organic inputs, tools, and techniques to increase production from 75kg/ha to 400kg+ / hectare
  2. Preparing the motivation for a subsidized facility for organic fertilization and maintenance of plantations through the improvement of soil quality and biodiversity
  3. Production of a manual for restoring Cabruca Style plantations. Small farmers are best supported with the use of simple language and the aid of illustrations to explain techniques for the restoration of cacao plantations
  4. Feasibility assessment for centralized cacao fermentation centers and quality improvement assistance and materials to individual farmers through improvements in fermentation and drying infrastructure. Scalable
  5. Commercialization and marketing strategy for premium cacao, including communications, sampling and distribution, and a rewarding price structure for quality and ecosystems services
  6. Demographic mapping of cacao producers to target impact. Landscape satellite imagery to identify remnant biodiversity hotspots overlayed with farmer outreach to identify target area such as the Conta River corridor. Scalable to funding
  7. Remote sensing technology to monitor forest changes, soil and above ground carbon, biodiversity, and other parameters over time (tied to blockchain and other transparency tools)
  8. Integration of farm tourism in cooperation with the Brazilian Institute Mecenas da Vida.

This briefing has been prepared in cooperation with Lawrence Nussbaum leading,



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