Living in the gardens of cacao

Living in the gardens of cacao, fazenda taboquinhas
Osvaldo de Brito, owner of Fazenda Taboquinhas.

Why we host cacao seminars:

As bonus option included in our volunteer program

My wife Laura and I are always keeping the focus on the preservation of natural resources for future generations. We are teachers and we love it to receive people on our farm. These sessions provide chances to teach them about the miraculous environment we live in. Regularly we are getting people on our Fazenda to experience a field day in the cacao plantations. We give them the opportunity to taste the nectar of the gods (cocoa honey). They gain knowledge from the carefully selected cocoa beans that allow them to feel the intense sensations that true (pure) chocolate provides. They become inspired and deepen their understanding of the blessings that lie in what creation has to offer mankind.

In our most recent seminar, we had a fine group together comprising of various backgrounds and characters. To all of them, I want to give special thanks:

  • Otto, the owner of the Active Rafting enterprise (a network of rafting/adventure hotspots in Brazil) and the mentor of this project.
  • Beto, who lent his knowledge in the conduct of this event.
  • Toninho, who initiated this project, together with others.
  • Eugenio, president of the association Ypiranga.
  • Jéssica Sá, face and body aesthetics, together with her companion who came from Minas Gerais in order to join the itacaré connection.
  • Wilsa, coordinator of the group of people who are associated with the Participatory Forest Certification.
  • Laura Médioni, Naturopathic Practitioner from France and volunteer on Fazenda Taboquinhas.
  • Last but not least: Laura, my Goddess…

Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude.

Watch the gallery below, with photos of the seminar.

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