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Association Taboquinhas Tourism Community – ASTATURC

Our association welcomes tourists to “experience the countryside”, cocoa plantation tours, tastings and cocoa-related sales of sensations that true chocolate offers. Our goal is to realize a dream to make Taboquinhas a place that can generate employment and income, but always keeping the focus on the preservation of natural resources and sustainable development.   Canudos de Taboquinha – Organical straws The taboquinha straw is also one of the animations created by the association. Taboquinha is […]

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Living in the gardens of cacao

Osvaldo de Brito, owner of Fazenda Taboquinhas. Why we host cacao seminars: As bonus option included in our volunteer program My wife Laura and I are always keeping the focus on the preservation of natural resources for future generations. We are teachers and we love it to receive people on our farm. These sessions provide chances to teach them about the miraculous environment we live in. Regularly we are getting people on our Fazenda to […]

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A preface from Jaco, co-founder of the farm stays concept in Taboquinhas. This article brings the inspiring experience of cacao seminars across as they are given by founder Osvaldo de Brito. Written by Daniela from Uruguay, a volunteer at Fazenda Taboquinhas. The world of cacao as revealed to me on Fazenda Taboquinhas. It is worth mentioning that it grows at a tree with large and glossy leaves. The blossoms are like small pearls, appearing on […]

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