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Association Taboquinhas Tourism Community – ASTATURC

Our association welcomes tourists to “experience the countryside”, cocoa plantation tours, tastings and cocoa-related sales of sensations that true chocolate offers. Our goal is to realize a dream to make Taboquinhas a place that can generate employment and income, but always keeping the focus on the preservation of natural resources and sustainable development.   Canudos de Taboquinha – Organical straws The taboquinha straw is also one of the animations created by the association. Taboquinha is […]

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Cacao seminar – From tree to table

Osvaldo de Brito’s cacao seminar. Rich experience in a permaculture based organic cocoa plantation. As bonus options included in our volunteer program Option-1: The day begins at eight o’clock with breakfast comprising tropical fruits, brown bread, cake, chocolate, coffee, and fruit juice. Then a tour through the cocoa fields. Participants will learn to understand the whole process of: planting organic fertilization  pruning  sowing other agroecology care as required for the production of organic cacao. At […]

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Rainforest around Itacaré

Tropical rainforest reserves as also found in the State of Bahia along the Atlantic coastline of Brazil are part of a greater forest ecosystem called Mata Atlântica. It originally stretched out over 1.2 million square kilometers (about 25% of the Amazon). However, decades of deforestation for industrial timber use, cacao, cattle farming, sugar cane, coffee, and urban sprawl caused a decline of the Atlantic forest with more than 90 percent. Less than 100,000 square kilometers […]

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