Meet our Team

Owners of Fazenda Taboquinhas, for cordial farm stays

Founding Partner

Osvaldo and his wife Laura are the Brazilian owners of Fazenda Taboquinhas. Laura, born in Taboquinhas, married Osvaldo and moved to São Paulo. After São Paulo they moved to Fazenda Taboquinhas. Osvaldo followed a permaculture study and participated in the CIC training program, which focuses on the transfer of knowledge to cocoa farmers in southern Bahia. His love of nature and cocoa is very inspiring. Osvaldo’s sincere desire is to share this love with as many others as possible. They invest a lot, so much so that Laura, being a teacher, began teaching again to fill gaps in the household book and to give Osvaldo the opportunity to inspire visitors to the farm for nature conservation. “For posterity” is his motto.


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