Power hiking on historical trail.

Outdoor Paradise Taboquinhas:

A century-old water transport system; Guarantee of an exceptional power hiking adventure.


As bonus option included in our volunteer program

This is a trail for experienced hikers. It follows a century-old construction which was built with slave labor. With the use of water streams that had found their path by the gravity law already, slaves modified the course of this water flow. They constructed dams and canals with bare hands and the purpose was to deliver water power to economize the milling of sugar cane. Over the years this became less important. Nature has regained much but has left a stunning wild trail behind. Much of the + 5km distance has to be walked through water. Having your camera with you is good for a harvest of extraordinary pictures during this five to six hours super hike. The hike starts in the secluded area that bears the funny name Cuiudo. The pictures show Osvaldo, a guest, a friend and views of the surrounding jungle. Osvaldo is a sincere lover of his habitat. Osvaldo also chose to host people on his premises on the bank of the Rio de Contas. Note: There are various hike possibilities.

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