Volunteer in Rural Bahia.

Volunteer to make a difference
Fazenda Sao Jorge Taboquinhas
Volunteer Fazenda Sao Jorge

Make a difference in tropical Bahia, Brazil

Building & Maintenance on Cacao Farm Sao Jorge

Make a difference in tropical Bahia, Brazil

Renovation of Cacao Plantations
Volunteer in Bahia

Waterfall, a beautifull spot in the landscape

Discussing a swimming pool design

Make a difference in tropical Bahia, Brazil

From Tree to Table Cacao Seminars
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Why we welcome volunteering:


The cacao industry in South Bahia has been a source of riches until the finish of the eighties in the previous decennium. This fertile territory made many big landowners very wealthy. Small farmers as well had a decent existence with sufficient revenue to develop their plantations. Unfortunately, a plague came up and annihilated the vast majority of the Bahian cocoa cultures.


An increasing number of small cacao farmers are presently attempting to reestablish the old estates. This effort requires extraordinary devotion and in particular a ton of assistance since they live under marginal conditions. Small farmers are quickly affected by negative climatic impacts. A poor harvest, due to excessively dry or too wet conditions isn’t exceptional.


Reestablishing the original forestation and the modernizing of cocoa plantations is a severe need. Too often, driven by poverty, small farmers choose deforestation to make new fertile land accessible. Small farmers need assistance.

Farm accommodation.

From the past times, there is often living space for farm workers available. Here and there in bad shape, yet this still offers possibilities. By making the buildings accessible invaluable support can be gotten. It is fantastic to know that the quantity of idealists for nature protection is developing steadily.

So, do not hesitate to ask questions and share your wishes.

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